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Welcome to Swift-Kick nutrition guidance for athletic performance

Every athlete is unique and therefore requires a custom program specified to meet their individual needs.  Our programs and specific recommendations are carefully developed based on science, knowledge, experience and expertise in working with professional athletes for the past 10 years.

We believe that success is enjoying optimal living and not fighting your food.

Flavorful food is essential to satisfy while making us stronger athletes and helping us to live a balanced life.  We will be your partner in nutrition: focusing on daily performance and recovery with long term habits to maintain your health for a lifetime.

Sessions are custom tailored to your personal abilities, goals and lifestyle.

 Let’s strengthen your nutrition and plan your success!

Your personal consultation (one on one, telephone or email) includes:

Review and discuss your current nutrition

Nutritional suggestions for maximizing performance with an emphasis on
long term strategies or short term GOALs.

Complete analysis of your diet

Discussion of calorie and nutrient needs

Partner in meal planning

Continuing assessment and support

Premier Membership Cost:
$295.00 for the initial consultation and first month of nutritional training.

$200.00 a month after first month for continuing coaching, weekly updates and modifications.

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